That's What You Said...About Getting Murdered On 'Teen Wolf'

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We're sure "Teen Wolf" fans would risk life and limb to land a spot on the hit MTV series, but now they're officially willing to die for the opportunity. Earlier this week we announced that the show was looking for its latest walk-on role winner, and if applicants nailed a simple Instagram audition (all the fine print can be found on, they could get killed ON THE SHOW. We don't yet know how, by whom or how much blood will be spilled, but rest assured, no Halloween costume will compare to your televised remains.

As soon as the contest began, fans flocked to Twitter and Facebook to beg for a spot six feet under -- and frankly, guys, it was a kinda scary. Check out some comments from fans who were willing to go the distance for the chance, and tell us why you'd die for the role!


"But wait...can I be Stiles love interest before I die?" -- Youtee W.

"Wouldn't it be amazing to be murdered by creepy-ass uncle Peter?" -- Christian W.

"I mean, if I can die in Isaac's arms, then sign me the hell up!" -- JessicaAlyce B.

"I would gladly die, and I wouldn't have to be acting because I would die just seeing anyone on that cast." -- Lyric W.


"you know...I actually am really good at dying. Figuratively...not literally" -- @cheyenneami

"I'm so indeed dead! I WANT TO BE KILLED by #Derek" -- @xGoldenWings

"I don't mind getting killed on my favorite show <3" -- @spicychipotle

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