Speidi's New Web Show Sees The Reality TV Couple Attempting Actual Jobs [Photo]


Heidi Montag cooks breakfast for a wedding party on "The Speidi Show."

Duck for cover: It's the second coming of Speidi! Just when you thought Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag were living out their post-"Hills" life by lounging poolside and chillin' in Vegas, our favorite villainous duo decides to step back in the limelight with -- what else? -- "The Speidi Show," a live web series in which they work real jobs like non-famous humans do, further suggesting that Speidi are probably alien robots sent to spy on us from outer space.

The third episode aired last night, and the inseparable blondes live-catered a wedding for a VERY trusting couple. Unsurprisingly, the two relied on Twitter for recipes, but even though the main dishes didn't turn out to be a total disaster, the cake was not so lucky. The crumbling mess actually made one of the bridesmaids cry, and Heidi resorted to repairing the dessert with toilet paper tubes covered in frosting. How delicious!

Next week, the real life Ken and Barbie will be taking up the profession of couples' counseling. Hey, they're still married, so how bad could their advice be?? Famous last words...

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Photo: @heidipratt on Instagram