Jack Osbourne's Infant Daughter Is The Spitting Image Of Grandpa Ozzy [Photo]


Baby Pearl is flirting with the Dark Side.

Even though Ozzy Osbourne is well into his 60s, he'll always be the Prince of Darkness. The patriarch of "The Osbournes" has always lived up to his nickname, whether that meant screaming his lungs out with Black Sabbath or biting the heads off winged creatures, and though his children have moved on from their goth days, it seems his new granddaughter might already be a chip off the ol' block.

Last night, Ozzy's son, Jack, who's currently competing on "Dancing with the Stars," tweeted a photo of his little Pearl wearing gramps' signature round, purple-tinted sunglasses and cross necklace, as well as an itty-bitty wig to top off the transformation. "The Princess of Darkness," he aptly captioned the pic. The resemblance is uncanny! And hey, now that Kelly is all fashion, rainbows and bubble gum, someone in the Osbourne clan has to carry on the family's heavy metal tradition. Darkness has never looked so damn adorable.

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Photos: @JackOsbourne and Splash News