Before You 'Bring It' To MTV's 'MADE' Marathon, Please Enjoy These 8 Cheerleader Fails


Feeling a little sluggish these days? Can't muster up the energy to get to the gym? Well suck it up, lazybones, and make some moves! "MADE," MTV's own zero-to-hero boot camp, has been pushing young people to the limits for years to help them reach their true potential, and this weekend, four new episodes will air as part of the "Cheer It On Weekend" marathon.

As varied as the series' episodes are, there's one story line that has popped up time and time again: the quest to become a cheerleader. These spirited athletes are nimble, fearless and the apple of any quarterback's eye, but the sport isn't all glamour, and in the sneak peeks below, you'll see that nobody gets to the top of the pyramid without some struggle. Check 'em out, and be sure to tune in to the "Cheer It On Weekend" marathon on Saturday, October 5. From 8 a/7c until noon, you can catch the brand new "MADE" episodes, and from noon until 10/9c, MTV will air back-to-back installments of the "Bring It On" franchise, including "In It To Win It," "Again" and "Fight To The Finish," which features Holland Roden of "Teen Wolf"! And if you've got something to say at any point during the shows, just include #cheeriton in a tweet.

To keep your spirits up in the meantime, check out eight spectacular cheerleader fails below. We swear: no malice! It's all in good fun...

The Not-So-Big Finish:


The Slip 'N Slide:

The Extra High Kick:


The Grand Entrance:

The Shamu:


The Wet 'N' Wild:

The Twinkle Toes:


The Steamroller:

"MADE": I Want To Be A Cheerleader" sneak peek:

"MADE: I Want To Be On The Cheer Team" sneak peek:

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