'Real World: Las Vegas' Alum Heather Marter Plays A Delinquent Teen In New Sketch On Funny Or Die [Video]


Heather Marter certainly shed a few tears on "Real World: Las Vegas," but these days, she's letting her humor shine through. In a sketch called "Relatively Juvenile" that's making the rounds on Funny Or Die, Heather plays a 16-year-old delinquent who begs, borrows and steals to keep her partying ways alive -- even if it means screwing over the older cousin who just got her out of jail. Not such a departure from the quintessential Sin City escapades...

After Heather's character, Gabby, gets bailed out by her cousin Mary, she pleads for Mary to keep the fake ID arrest a secret from her mother. Mary reluctantly agrees, but as more of Gabby's skeletons tiptoe out of the closet, she becomes increasingly disturbed. Gabby proceeds to ask Mary for beer, get her opinion on whether the 5-0 who busted her was hot and, finally, disappear into the SDT sorority house where she's already a sister despite still being in high school. "I gotta get back to the pledges," Gabby says. "They are so ratchet this semester. Deuces! Love you, bitch!"

Though Mary's caught off guard by Gabby's charming goodbye at first, she snaps back to reality when she realizes her wallet's gone. Do they make leashes for troubled youth?

Check out the sketch!

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