April Rose's Lewd Artificial Intelligence iPhone Companion Isn't So Familiar With 'Girl Code' [Video]


Siri's a perfectly pleasant iPhone aide, but if you've ever been short with her, you know she's got the ability to sass you right back. Even at her worst, though, she's still not a drop as vile as Sir, Apple's newest smartphone guide. The masculine companion has a habit of making passes at his female owners, including "Girl Code" cast member April Rose, and should a lady choose to download him, they'll be hounded whether they're playing Candy Crush or making a transatlantic phone call. No app is safe from Sir's lewdness!

In the faux video advertisement below, which heralds Sir as "The world's most accurate male artificial intelligence," the smartphone program attempts to snap topless photos of his owners, get between them and their boyfriends and, in April's case, make dirty pleas against protective cases. "With that, you can barely feel it when I'm set to vibrate," Sir says of her attempt to slap some hard plastic on him so he won't break. April's never one to take any crap, however, and isn't entertaining the idea of carrying around an unprotected cell phone. "Too bad, you're wearing it," she instructs. You tell him, April!

Check out the skit, and thank your lucky stars if you've still got a flip phone!

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