6 Cases Of Unrequited Love, As Seen On MTV2's Old-School Sitcoms

In honor of Women Crush Wednesdays (known on social media as #WCW), in which guys shout out the hottest chicks they'll never date, we've gathered a list of the brave souls who fearlessly stared rejection in the eye in the name of TV romance.

From "Saved By The Bell" to "Boy Meets World," the classic sitcoms on MTV2's old-school lineup feature characters who just didn't know how to take "no" for an answer, and today, we're looking back at some of those hopeless -- or helpless, rather -- fools in love. Check out six of the most pitiful cases below.


1. Samuel "Screech" Powers and Lisa Turtle

When it came to high school sweethearts on "Saved By The Bell," Zack had Kelly, Slater had Jessie and Screech...didn't have Lisa Turtle. Sadly, Bayside's biggest fashionista could never see past Screech's dorky demeanor.


2. Steve Urkel and Laura Winslow

On "Family Matters," Laura Winslow's dream guy didn't come close to the clumsy four-eyes that was Steve Urkel. However, once the nerd ditched his specs and reinvented himself as Stefan Urquelle, Laura was smitten.


3. Eric Matthews, Jack  and Rachel 

Talk about a love triangle! When Rachel, the long-legged redhead from "Boy Meets World," moved into Eric and Jack's college pad, the boys did everything possible to change their platonic friendship status with their new roommate.


4. Morris "Mo" Tibbs and Yvette Henderson

"Guy Code" teaches us that men everywhere should never, under any circumstances, date their best friend's sister. However, Marcus Henderson's best bud Mo often broke code on "Smart Guy" because he just couldn't resist flirting with Marcus' beautiful sis, Yvette.


5. Libby Chessler and Harvey Kinkle

It's not always the boys chasing after the girls. Libby Chessler had many reasons why she hated "Sabrina," but what mostly made her green with envy? The fact that the bubbly teen witch had the key to Harvey Kinkle's heart, and she did not.

6. Cole Brown and Pam James

Regardless of how hard Cole tried, he and Pam from "Martin" were just not meant to be. Check out the clip above to see one of his many failed attempts at winning her over.

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Photos: Getty Images, FanPop, and SitcomsOnline