Don't Worry About Huell. The 'Breaking Bad' Bodyguard Married Nicole Byer And Got A Spinoff! [Video]


He may still be stuck in that safe house, but Huell's doing just fine now that he's got his family with him!

When DEA agents Hank Schrader and Steve Gomez left Saul Goodman's dopey bodyguard, Huell Babineaux, to twiddle his thumbs in a fake safe house, the Internet-at-large became quite worried about the fate of the "Breaking Bad" fan favorite. If Gomie and Hank didn't return for him (which they wouldn't, considering they were about to die), many feared that it would never dawn on the lovable-yet-dimwitted Huell that he'd been duped, and that he would spend the rest of his days rotting away to the grating sounds of elevator music.

However, we have now discovered that ol' Huell is doin' JUST FINE. He's still stuck in the safe house, but this Funny or Die video assures us he's not alone. The egg-headed softie's family, including Nicole Byer as his wife, has moved in! Because when your man gets secretly imprisoned by the DEA, you rush to his side. "Girl Code."

In the clip below, we get a glimpse at Huell's fake "BrBa" sitcom spinoff, "Huell's Rules," in which his kids irritate him and his wife nags to no end. It's sorta like "Family Matters"... but not. In one scene, Nicole's mom shows up at the safe house for a months-long visit, and Huell responds as only a drug lord's henchman would. "I'd rather get shot in the head and buried in the desert with several barrels of money." Cue the laugh track!

Congrats to Huell! You'll never be upstaged by Walter White again.

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