Justin Timberlake Flips The Script On Nikki & Sara, Inquires About Their 'Emergency Panty Box' [Video]


What would you do if you got to meet your favorite celebrity? Would you tremble? Giggle uncontrollably? Almost pee your pants? Well, Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer did essentially all of that and then some last night on "Nikki & Sara LIVE" when their producers surprised them with a spontaneous Justin Timberlake interview. But this wasn't a standard Q&A -- right off the bat, JT flipped the script and demanded they answer a few things about themselves, including why they have an emergency panty box dedicated to him on set. Cue the awkward turtle!

After restarting their temporarily stalled hearts in the video below, N&S (attempt to) guide JT through their desperate efforts to get him on the show, as well as the logic behind their now-infamous spare underwear. When JT asks what exactly would necessitate its use, Nikki can only think to say: "This does." Sara tries to compose herself long enough to answer the superstar's perfectly valid question, but the reality of the situation is just too much. "I can't believe I'm explaining my comedy jokes about you to you," she says with her head in her hands.

"I feel like this is my Make-A-Wish," Nikki concludes as the girls wrap up the segment. Check out all the glorious discomfort here:

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Photo: Ben Newberry

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