'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Joey And His Dad Try To Talk Katie Out Of A Four-Year Degree


Before Katie became pregnant with Molli, she had her heart set on attending a four-year university, but becoming a teen mom put her college dreams on hold. However, now that she's settling into parenthood, Katie could feasibly transfer to the kind of school she's always wanted to attend -- if her fiancé would only go along with the plan. Joey was pretty adamant on this week's episode about not wanting to move to Salt Lake City so Katie could eventually get her bachelor's degree, and in the bonus scene below, his dad backs him up.

After explaining that Joey got a job offer at a mine in Utah, Katie pleads her case. "It'd be nice...for us to both have our own jobs. We'd have more income," she tells Joe. "I can't really get a high-paying job like Joey does without a degree." But Joe's not convinced. "I don't see why you need to move, you've got it made," he counters, insinuating that being solely dependent on Joey is enough. Joey adds that they would both miss their family too much: "You know after you were there for two weeks that you'd be crying the blues," he says to Katie. Sounds like she's going to have to look for support elsewhere.

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