10 Hannah Montana Moments That Foreshadowed Modern-Day Miley Cyrus


Place a photo of 20-year-old Miley Cyrus beside Hannah Montana, the fictional pop star Cyrus played as a pre-teen, and you'll likely scratch your head until it bleeds. The Disney character was as innocent and carefree as they come, her biggest concerns being lengthy homework assignments and trips to the dentist. The grown-up "Wrecking Ball" songstress, on the other hand, has the whole world's eyes centered squarely on her after a racy VMA performance that left family groups and ardent church-goers clutching their pearls. And on tonight's "Miley: The Movement" documentary, you saw that Cyrus' new image isn't just a gimmicky flash in the pan: "You might as well make [people] talk for two weeks, rather than two seconds," she told MTV's cameras.

While some are shocked by the transformation Miley seems to have made overnight, there's a chance ol' "Hannah" viewers could have seen it coming from a mile away: If you watched the show really closely, the details were in the fabric. Check out the ways in which we could have predicted Miley's shift.


Hannah experimented with her looks: Even the plucky kid knew something as simple as synthetic hair could completely change the way people see you, and Miley's new Annie Lennox 'do is nothing more than history repeating itself...give or take a pair of raver buns.


Hannah had an intimate connection with insensate objects: Licking a sledgehammer? Riding a wrecking ball in the buff? Must we continue?


Hannah ignored tradition: It's pretty safe to say Miley's rendition of "We Can't Stop" at the Barclays Center was the first of its kind, but Hannah wasn't always one to play by the rules either.


Hannah had a mouth on her: "I'm nervous as a motherf***er, I'm not gonna lie," Miley was filmed saying just before walking out onto the VMA stage. It's pretty standard speech for the "Movement" captain these days -- forget the IRAs and get this girl a swear jar!


Hannah danced wildly upon older folks: If Miley's infamous twerk-on-Robin Thicke threw you off, you must have been snoozing through Hannah's tangos with her elders. Get it, girl!


Hannah acted aloof when sh** hit the fan: Miley's dismissive attitude about her VMA criticism has been pretty impressive ("I don't pay attention to the negative," she said in "The Movement"), and Hannah always managed to block out the noise as well.


Plus, Hannah made no apologies: If you don't like it, you can look the other way -- a sentiment carried by the great Hannah M. and now, by the equally confident Miley C.


Hannah wasn't afraid to get messy: Miley's past two music videos have included finger-painting with pink slime, detonating crotch-smoke-bombs, demolishing cement walls and punting a skull made of french fries off of a roof. Welp, Hannah wasn't exactly as clean as they come either.


Hannah could throw shade: Sure, Miley can shrug stuff off most of the time, but once in awhile, she, like Hannah before her, can really throw down. Don't believe us? Check her Twitter.


Hannah stuck out her tongue a lot: Old habits die hard...

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