JWOWW And Roger’s Relationship Ups And Downs [Video]


The couple that fights together...stays together? Well, not typically, but that's how the story goes for JWOWW and Roger. Aside from SamRon (must be something in that Seaside water), no other couple in MTV history has persevered through so much dang drama. Just when you think the guidette and her gorilla squeeze are gonna call it quits, one of them does something really sweet -- like, say, proposes with a zillion-carat diamond ring -- restoring their faith in love. Need a refresher? Let us reminisce about our favorite RogWOWW rolling hills and valleys.

DOWN: Roger shoves JWOWW during a brawl at Bamboo.

No man should ever lay a hand on a lady (except in the bedroom, ifyaknowwhatImean), but then again, no lady should involve herself in a man's rage-fueled fight. This might sound like a dated statement out of "The Rules" (and not the ones according to JWOWW), but during Season 6 of "Jersey Shore," the couple's fight caused quite the gender divide. When Jenni put herself right smack in the middle of a massive J-Shore bar brawl, Roger shoved her aside, resulting in an injured ankle. Though we can't imagine Jenni's sky-high wedges were completely innocent in the matter.

UP: Roger relieves Jenni's relationship insecurities.

JWOWW has a history of being unlucky in love (remember psycho-robber Tom?), so when she first started dating Roger, we knew it was going to take a Miley Cyrus-sized sledgehammer to break her walls down. After getting all sorts of upset over Roger's unknown whereabouts, her beau gave her some much-needed tough love and then assured her she was the only one for him. Altogether now: awwwwww.

DOWN: Roger accuses Jenni of lying.

Rocky moments are a dime a dozen when it comes to these two, but when Roger called Jenni out for lying (which was probably more an omission of the truth), we really weren't sure if they'd be able to get past it. Luckily they did, as they always do, but we were a little scurred there for a hot second.

UP: The couple decide to stay together after having a huge fight.

We can't be sure what this fight was about -- there are so many -- but it had something to do with Roger telling Jenni to go be with her ex or something. The two hashed it out in Snooki & JWOWW's Jersey City digs, which caused some gorilla-sized tears and ended with the sweetest little smooch ever. Nice to see the big guy has a sensitive side!

DOWN: JWOWW flakes on plans with Roger after GNO.

After an epic girls' night out full of sake bombs (shots! shots! shots! shots! shots!) and girl-on-girl Frenching, a hungover Jenni spaced out on plans with her man. Yet again we worried it might result in splitsville for the volatile duo, but their love is stronger than any pounding headache and the shakes.

UP: That. Marriage. Proposal.

After Jenni "I hate heights" Farley jumped out of a high-flying airplane and into the arms of her dear ol' Rog, she was greeted with a big fat diamond ring. Naturally that led to flowers, candles and Roger in his tighty-whities rockin' a happy trail of Russell Stover chocolates. In a cruel twist of fate, sex-starved Roger conked out before he could claim his celebratory smush.

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