Snooki Nails The Dreaded Quickstep Like A Guidette Marilyn Monroe On 'DWTS' [Video]


JWOWW was in the "Dancing with the Stars" audience to cheer on her BFF.

Any connoisseur of televised dance competitions knows the quickstep is the kiss of death, so when we found out that Snooki was tasked with performing the dreaded style on last night's "DWTS," we got a little scared for the MTV firecracker. That's not to say we didn't have faith in Nicole's skills, but after how the judges scored her rumba last week, we didn't know if they'd be fair.

As part of "Hollywood Week," the "DWTS" contestants were tasked with embodying a Tinseltown great, and Team Snasha had the pleasure of taking on Marilyn Monroe and one of her suitors to the tune of "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." To the audience's delight, Nicole "Pocket Rocket" Polizzi-Monroe TURNED IT OUT as her BFFJenni Farley, who flew all the way from Jersey to L.A., rooted her on. Light on her feet and oozing sex appeal (looks like Snooki's been taking your notes on character acting, Bruno!), the red-headed guidette one-hand cartwheeled her way into a total score of 25 and a top spot. We knew her high school cheerleading experience would come in handy!

This, friends, is what hard work combined with chutzpah looks like:

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Photo: Nicole Polizzi's Instagram