Caught On GIF! Derek Looks Like He's Been Hit By A Bus After Meeting 'Kristen'


Chasity comes out of her grandparents' house with a smile.

Having been burned by several exes, Derek knew a lot was at stake in his quest to confront his potential "Catfish," and sadly, when he finally met "Kristen," his worst fears were confirmed. As Nev and Max predicted would be the case, Derek's online love was actually a woman named Chasity who confessed to creating a fake profile to keep tabs on another man. Understandably, Nick looked devastated.

Once the group got to talking, they all agreed that Chasity's reason for starting the profile -- to protect her children from their imprisoned father -- was valid. Still, Nick couldn't get over the fact that Chasity strung him along with the Kristen Whoo alias, and the disappointment of another failed relationship was plastered across his face. Take a look at Derek and Chasity's confrontation in a series of GIFs.


Derek is taken aback when he meets "Kristen."


Chasity pleads her case and explains that she made a fake account to protect her children.


Derek is still too stumped for words.


Chasity apologizes for deceiving Derek...


...but he's too hurt to forgive her right away.

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