Nick Cannon Tried To Convince 4.5 Million People That Kevin Hart Wears Women's Clothing [Photo]


 Another case of "Bitch stole my look!"

Kevin Hart may have redeemed himself on the "Wild 'N Out" season finale by finally beating rival Nick Cannon at his own game, but the unprecedented loss seems to have left Nick feeling a little salty. Even though the show's over, he's still waging war against Kevin on social media, trying to throw some major Instagram shade his way. It's time to move on, Nick...

The "WNO" head honcho shared the photo above of Kevin wearing the exact same sweater as actress Diane Kruger, and tweeted a very simple "Haaaaa!" at his comedic nemesis. Kevin has yet to respond to Nick's jab, but in the meantime, we decided to do some research of our own and find out whether Kevin's really got a thing for drag. It turns out the "Think Like A Man" star not only thinks like a man, but dresses like one, too -- the stylish eye-print sweatshirt in the pic is part of Kenzo's MENSWEAR collection. Hart = 2. Cannon = 1.

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Photo: @nickcannon

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