'Teen Mom 3' Provides A Window Into The Ways Parenthood Can Complicate Relationships


By Amy Kramer of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Relationships can be complicated at any age, but as we saw on last night's episode of "Teen Mom 3," being a teen parent makes them that much more difficult to manage.

Katie and Joey love each other, but they've been growing apart ever since Molli was born. Katie wants to go to a four-year college in another state, and Joey's not on board -- he's happy with their current life in Colorado. It's fairly common for regular teen girls to leave their hometown -- and high school boyfriends --  for university, but for Katie, moving now would mean separating Joey from his daughter.

As far as Mackenzie and Josh go, the high school sweethearts have hit a serious rough patch. He's not communicating or making an effort to include her in his life. She's trying to be supportive, but the lack of response has made her feel worthless. For the average teen couple, the easy solution would be to spend some time apart or break up for good, but for Mackenzie and Josh, the stakes are higher because they have a son.

Briana and Alex also have difficult relationships with their babies' fathers, even though they aren't romantically involved with Devoin and Matt anymore. Briana has taken legal action over Devoin's Twitter abuse, and Alex is watching Matt destroy himself with drugs. It would be much easier for the girls to move on if they weren't tied to Devoin and Matt through their daughters.

Like the vast majority of teen moms, these girls didn't get pregnant on purpose and probably never considered what raising a child with their high school boyfriends would be like. There's nothing wrong with falling in love as a teenager, but becoming a parent before you and your partner are ready can lead to all kinds of heartache.

For resources on pregnancy prevention, head to MTV.com's It's Your Sex Life website.

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