Kristin Cavallari's Message To New Moms: It Gets Easier


A dual selfie featuring Kristin and her little nugget, Camden!

Now that Baby Camden is almost 14 months old, Kristin Cavallari's got this Midwestern parenting thing down. And though she, like most new moms, was worried she'd fall victim to the newborn sleepless zombie shuffle, the former "Hills" star tells that she actually reveled in the energy she had after Cam was born. "I think I just had that new mommy high and so it just felt great," she says. But even if you're not as lucky as K-Cav, she wants every mom to know that it gets better. "Know it's going to be difficult...[but] it's going to get easier," she assures them.

So how does the former drama-starting firecracker stay so calm despite being responsible for a living, breathing, projectile-vomiting (her words!) human being? According to K-Cav, it's all about getting in some girl time. With hubby Jay Cutler gone once a week throughout the football season, she uses that alone time to relax. "I can put a face mask on and do all my girly stuff when he's gone, and it actually works out really well," she explains.

But while her "me time" is a nice respite, she still loves having Jay around to help out. "He is an amazing dad and he has been since day one," she gushes. "He helps me with everything. He's not the kind of guy that doesn't want to change a diaper or do any of that." We hope that extends to cleaning up projectile vomit too, Jay!

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Photo: Kristin Cavallari on Instagram

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