Mackenzie Of 'Teen Mom 3' Says She's Moved Past Her Days Of Feeling 'Worthless' [Video]


Having open communication is crucial to the health of any relationship, but on tonight's "Teen Mom 3," we looked on as Mackenzie's bull-riding fiancé, Josh, barely acknowledged her existence. Josh wouldn't return any of Mackenzie's phone calls or texts, and when she finally stopped by his house, it was like pulling teeth just trying to get him to talk. In the "Teen Mom 3 After Showclip below, the young mother opens up about the dismal state of her relationship at the time.

"I hated that I was trying and getting nothing in return," she tells host Maci Bookout of Josh's indifference. And when Maci asks whether Mackenzie regretted going to the rodeo after Josh shunned her, she shares that the two were in the worst place they had ever been, arguing even more than the cameras were able to catch.


Though Mackenzie initially describes the things she and Josh fought over as "stupid stuff," she eventually reveals to her fellow moms that the side effects of her diabetes were a main point of contention. "Anytime my blood sugar would go high, that was a big issue," she says, to which the other girls quickly jump to her defense, telling her not to blame herself. "He should understand that you have a disease that you can't get rid of, and that's going to be part of you, and he should love you for that," Katie tells her friend.

Luckily, these days Mackenzie says no one can make her feel worthless the way Josh once did. "I am who I am!" she assures her fellow moms. Check out the video for more from Mackenzie on her catharsis.

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