'Saved By The Bell' Tattoos Are A Real Thing...And Possibly Our Favorite Thing EVAR


Goooo Bayside!

Between the years of 1989 and 1993, every teenager in America frantically tweaked their TV antennas before each new episode of "Saved by the Bell" to make sure it came in picture perfect. Male viewers wanted Zack's game, Slater's bod and a loyal bud like Screech, while all the gals coveted Kelly's looks, Jessie's smarts and Lisa's style. The series left a huge mark on the lives of many young people -- and even a permanent one on some diehard fans.

Amid the typical flurry of nostalgic tweets the former cast receives regularly, one aimed at Mario Lopez caught our attention earlier today. "Look what I got tattooed on the back of my leg last night @TAThiessen @MarioLopezExtra," @jerseymes tweeted at the actors who played Kelly Kapowski and Slater, respectively, along with the image above. The super-fan's rather obscure reference to Bayside's rival school -- not to mention the fact that it'll never wash off -- demonstrated his undying loyalty to the show, and it got us wondering how many other people have inked themselves in the name of "SBTB." Turns out, a lot. Here are our four favorites:


Is that you, preppy?


This guy will always have a place in on his heart for Kelly Kapowski.


Looks like Zack's nose fell victim to some muscle-building leg lifts.


Slater got a heavy metal makeover.

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Photos: DaileyEdge, State-Of-Art-Tattoo, Failblog, @brettsemrick and @jerseymes