Ashley Rickards' New Short 'Do Strips Her Of Any Resemblance To Jenna Hamilton [Photo]


Ashley Rickards looks sophisticated, smart and...not like a bad girl.

In just a few weeks, Beta Jenna Hamilton -- a narcissistic, pot-smoking contrarian -- will take Palos Hills by storm when "Awkward" Season 3 returns, but these days, actress Ashley Rickards looks nothing like the bad girl she portrays. Over the weekend, Ash shared a photo that features quite the squeaky clean look: a shorter 'do, crisp Oxford shirt and bright cardigan. The ensemble is so preppy she could be on her way to a Daughters of the American Revolution tea party. Don't forget the cucumber sandwiches!

"I'm having a great hair day... Lol thanks @ojon for making my hair happy!! ;)" Ashley tweeted with the pic, which doesn't feature a trace of a beanie, biker jacket or smoke-cloud. Whether you dig it or prefer Ashley with longer or blonde locks, at least we can all agree it's nice to see she's extracted that bloody band instrument from her innards. Because nothing ruins a fresh look like exposed entrails.

+ Whaddya think of Ashley's new haircut? Tell us in the comments, and hang tight for the return of "Awkward" on October 22 at 10:30/9:30c!

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Photo courtesy of @AshleyRickards

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