'Teen Mom 3' After Show: Alex Shares Her Surprising Reaction To Hearing About Matt's Overdose [Video]


On tonight's episode of "Teen Mom 3," Alex got the call she had been dreading -- but sadly expecting -- ever since Matt entered the throes of drug addiction: He had been rushed to the hospital because of an overdose and his fate was uncertain. Alex had accepted the inevitability of receiving such news long ago, but she tells Maci Bookout in our latest "Teen Mom 3 After Show" that she was surprised by her own reaction to it.

"I was a lot more calm about it, and kind of like, 'This is what happens...this was bound to happen at some point in time, and there's nothing I can do about it,'" she tells the host in the clip below. "I just took it one step at a time, and was mentally preparing for what type of news to get."

Alex shares that Matt's brief absence from her life, spawned by a violent blowout two weeks prior resulting in her mom kicking him out of their home, had temporarily lifted a massive weight off her shoulders. "It was like a huge ball of stress had left the house," she says. When Maci asks whether she was nervous about what Matt was doing during his time away, Alex admits that she'd been a little worried, but taking care of her daughter came first. "I kept thinking, 'I'm a mom and I have to make Arabella my priority. He's a big boy, and he can fix his own problems,'" she explains.


But he didn't. Earlier in the episode, Matt had rejected the help that a clean living house was offering him, showing up five hours late for his intake appointment and then storming off when the program coordinator accused him of being high. "What an idiot," Alex says of the blown opportunity when Maci asks what she was thinking as she watched the scene. "That was his chance of redemption and getting his life together, and he threw it out the window." He also put his life at risk, as well as his daughter's own well-being -- growing up without a dad is proven to have lasting negative effects. We'll see next week whether Matt's overdose pushes him to return to treatment, but as Briana remarks, "Addiction is powerful."

+ Watch the video, and tell us if you think Matt's hospital stay will serve as an aha moment and point him in a more positive direction.

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