MTV Twitter Roundup: Nikki Deloach's Elementary School Fashion Sense Is Nothing Short Of 'Awkward.'


Nikki Deloach, styled by mom.

Some kids like to pick flowers, others like to fashion them out of fabric and glue them to novelty sweaters. Long before mom-to-be Nikki Deloach started donning racy ensembles to properly portray her cleavage-obsessed "Awkward" character, Lacey Hamilton, she was wearing her mother's own designs (and looking pleased to do so!). "What doesn't kill you will cost you a fortune in therapy years later," Nikki tweeted with the photo. Bonus points for the matching hair bow!

Elsewhere on MTV-centric social media this week, revived Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day gushed over the progress of the group's new album, but there was no love for Knight from Emily, who shoved him off the stage after he took a shot at Frank during the "Rivals II" reunion. Meanwhile, there were great gender divides for couples Ronnie and Sammi of "Jersey Shore" and "Code"-sters Chris Distefano and Carly Aquilino; the former for video game addiction and the latter for an absence of sports knowledge. But their faults are why you love them, right?

Check out what some of MTV's best and brightest had to say on Twitter this week!


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Photo courtesy of @NikkiDeloach