Paper Mag To Nicole Byer: You're Beautiful! Nicole To Paper Mag: Shia LaBeouf Helped Me Out Of A Tree Once


The face of beauty, OBVIOUSLY!

Beauty is confidence. Beauty is boldness. Beauty is flashing a camera crew just for the hell of it. Confirming what any "Girl Code" fan already knew, Paper Magazine recently named Nicole Byer a member of its "Beautiful People" club, and while others might have felt pressure to take the honor gracefully and subtly, Nicole decided to use it as a platform to explain why she admires "smart motherf**ker" Lucille Ball and to recount a tale of crashing into a drug store display. That's our girl!

In an interview that centers on Nicole's move from the The Big Apple to Tinseltown, she says her first L.A. celebrity run-in was a Yuletide disaster. "I was in a Rite Aid...and fell into a Christmas tree display," she says. "None other than Shia LaBeouf helped me out of it. He was holding a Starbucks cup with the name 'Tommy' on it. It made me laugh that a Starbucks employee put the quotes around his fake name just to be like, 'Yo, Shia, I know what's up.'"

More importantly, she explains that her mother is the most beautiful person she knows because "she is such a f**king lady," talks the strange phenomenon of porn star-packed L.A. gyms and weighs in on which sex scandal is superior: Arnold Schwarzenegger or Anthony Weiner. "F**king the maid is pretty intense and badass," she concludes. Chalk one up for The Terminator!

For more witticisms from Nicole Byer, check out the whole interview.

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Photo: Christopher Dibble/PAPER