That's What You Said...About Whether CT, Wes, Emily And Paula Deserved To Be 'Rivals II' Champs

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When Emily, Paula, Wes and CT pulled the pins on Nightmare Island's final set of smoke grenades, it was all over. Cooke, Cara Maria, Johnny and Frank were left stranded on the "Rivals II" shore while they watched their competitors row to a literal boatload of cash, but as the top dogs celebrated on the lavish yacht, we had to ask: Were they most deserving of the grand prize?

After the finale aired, fans sounded off on what they thought of the game's results. Whether they were rooting for the underdogs or happy to see the strongest teams take home first place, they let Remote Control and Facebook know loud and clear. Take a look at some choice comments below, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

Remote Control:

"Cooke and Cara should have won. They should have had a head start because they got to the yacht first. It was a hard final, but it was the eating that got everyone. Had it been another puzzle, Cooke and Cara would have flown by." -- Kathleen

"Ultimately, the best teams won. CT and Wes didn't perform their best during missions but they were definitely the best team. Emily and Paula dominated the whole challenge so they earned their check." -- Mario

"There was not much wiggle room for teams to fall far behind or gain a huge lead, so it came down to a mouthful of worms. The final moreso physically tired the players out than intricately challenged them." -- Syreita


"I don't understand why people say Paula didn't deserve to win? She was just as much a part of that team as Emily and I think she really proved herself this season." -- Heather A.

"Loved that CT finally won! He and Wes really worked hard and kicked some serious tail in the final. And even though I was Team Diem, I think BOTH Paula and Emily dominated the challenges and fought hard for that final. Damn, those girls can eat!" -- Joy C.

"I think the two teams who did the best all season won. I just wish the rookies would have come in second." -- Teresa C.

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