'Teen Mom 3' Exclusive: Katie And Alex Consider Stealing Briana's Sis To Get Them Through The Tough Times [Video]


For those of you who have been paying attention, the Dejesus family of "Teen Mom 3" is a trio of badass chicks all raising a beautiful baby girl together. Having spoken with them ourselves, we can attest to the fact that their approach to supporting one another is an inspiring one, and it's no wonder the other moms on the show look to them as a model of strength. In the exclusive MTV.com interview clip below, Katie and Alex explain what it is about the all-female brood that makes them so special.

"I need to channel my inner Dejesus when I'm getting stressed!" Katie says as the girls all laugh. When Briana notes that she sometimes wishes she had more of her mother's personality, Alex makes a good point that Roxanne and Brittany are always behind Briana one hundred percent, which is the next best thing. "I wish I had that...family, just, behind me." Katie says. "I just want to steal Brittany sometimes," Alex adds, to which Katie asks if Briana wouldn't mind putting her sis on loan.

"You guys can have her!" Briana jokes while rolling her eyes. Um, can we have her, too?

Check out the clip to see Katie's and Alex's impressions of Brittany's reactions to Devoin, learn about pregnancy prevention at MTV's It's Your Sex Life website and don't miss an all-new "Teen Mom 3" Monday at 10/9c.

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Photo: Colin Gray

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