'Rivals II' Reunion Fight! Watch Knight Get Hauled Offstage For Clocking Frank In The Face [Video]


The reigning champion of violence across the "Real World" and "Challenge" landscape has long been considered Irene and Stephen's "Seattle" dust-up, aptly dubbed "The slap heard 'round the world," but there's officially a bigger incident on the books. On last night's "Rivals II" reunion special, Knight straight-up smacked Frank across the face and promptly got escorted off the stage.

We were live-blogging from the audience when the whole "Jerry Springer" moment went down, and we can tell you first-hand, it was caraayyyzy. After host Jonny Moseley pressed the two frenemies about their Twitter squabbles after the show, Knight puffed up his chest, stood over Frank -- who, uncharacteristically remained composed -- and clocked him square in the cheek for talking s**t about Jemmye. Just like that, the security guard we had been joking with backstage moments before rushed on stage, taking down Knight and escorting him off, while his fellow Challengers tried to stop the fight and looked on in disbelief.

During the commercial break -- after Frank stormed off the set -- he vented to Laurel Stucky who was in the audience before leaving the studio altogether in a huff. We heard he was Franking out pretty hard backstage, and almost didn't come back to finish the show. However, when he did actually return, we asked him how he was feeling and he laughed it off, assuring us he was okay...despite the hint of a purple shiner forming just below his left eye.

Watch it, and share your shock and awe in the comments!

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