'Teen Mom 3' Sneak Peek: Josh Dismisses Mackenzie's Support Of His Rodeo Dreams


Though Mackenzie and Josh seem to have a stable relationship on "Teen Mom 3," it's not all a bed of roses. Mackenzie completely supports Josh's bull-riding passion, but the cowboy is devoid of any gratitude in this sneak peek of the next episode. In fact, he seems more interested in hanging out with his buddies than spending QT with his fiancé.

When Mackenzie tells Josh she doesn't want to be snubbed by him at the rodeo, he gets frustrated and says he won't beg her to attend if it's not what she wants. "I know you don't care if I go," Mackenzie responds, clearly trying to spur on a genuine invitation, but her comment falls on deaf ears. In an attempt to keep the conversation going, she asks Josh how he's getting to the arena, and he flatly responds that he'll be driving there with his friends. Mackenzie's observation of Josh's indifference seems right on the money, and her odds of getting any attention at his event are pretty slim. Let's hope she opts to stay home for some R&R with little Gannon.

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