Nev And Love Hopeful Nick Make Some 'Catfish' Music [Bonus Scene]


Nick may not have found romantic harmony with Melissa on "Catfish," but that doesn't mean he can't make beautiful music elsewhere. While giving Nev and Max a tour of his Florida home in the bonus scene below, Nick shows off his family's musical instrument treasure trove, and before Nev knows it, he's sporting a guitar and living out his very own rock fantasy with the love hopeful. How will he do as the makeshift band's front man?

"Show us what you got!" Nev requests as Nick takes what seems to be a familiar seat behind the drums. Nev admits he's an amateur when it comes to playing classic rock tunes, but the few chords he knows are more than enough to rival any small town's garage ensemble. Plus: The man sings! He sort of sounds like Creed crooner Scott Stapp, and Max and Nick can only help but smile awkwardly as Nev gets lost in the song. Is this duo bound for sellouts at Madison Square Garden?

Check out the full clip for some record label-ready action!

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