15 Queen Bees Who Came Before 'Big Tips Texas' Barmaid Amber


The girls of Redneck Heaven each play a crucial role in the bar chain's success, but when "Big Tips Texas" premieres on October 9 at 10/9c, there will be only one queen bee. Amber, a veteran of the bunch who's been with the company since day one, loves her job so much that she's often willing to (literally) fight for it. Revered by her friends and feared by her enemies, she definitely stands atop the bar's totem pole, but she's not the first dominant dame.

Below are 15 females who have now been properly inducted into the Queen Bee Club -- they come in all shapes and sizes, but they've got a hearty helping of authority in common. Check 'em all out!


1) Regina George, The Medusa: One look at her and you'll surely turn to stone. Regina's got the world in the palm of her hand, and sometimes, the world's just fine staying there.


2) Coral Smith, The Verbal Destroyer: Getting a word in edgewise is just not going to happen around Coral. Better keep your sly remarks to yourself, or you're liable to get chewed out.


3) Sadie Saxton, The Evil Cheerleader: It's hard to avoid someone's bad side when they don't have a good one to speak of. Perpetual wake-up-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-bedder Sadie will plow you over if you get in her way.


4) Angelica Pickles, The Proud Narcissist: For AP, humility is just another eight-letter word (that she'll learn to spell in a few years). Hide your mirrors, or she'll never leave the house.


5) Kelly Kapowski, The Benevolent Popular Girl: Not every QB's gotta be bad to the bone. Kelly was equal parts popular and kind, making her Bayside's ideal dream girl.


6) Carla Tortelli, The Take-No-S**t Tender: Before Amber went to bat for Redneck Heaven, Carla bled Boston while hard at work at "Cheers." Mess with her bar, boss or Beantown in general, and you'd get a decanter off the head.


7) New York, The Fight-Ready Diva: When New York's in the house, there is no one else around. With two eyes firmly set on the prize (true love, of course!), it was impossible to get in this feisty chick's way.


8) Lucy Van Pelt, The Withholding Game-Player: It can take years to properly learn the fine art of manipulation, but you can call LVP a scheming-prodigy. Just give up, Chuck.


9) Nene Leakes, The Sass-Master: Many have tried to out-sass Nene Leakes, but few have survived to tell the tale. Better mind your Ps and Qs while around her, lest you be snapped into submission.


10) Selina Meyer, The Veep: The politics of D.C. can be exhausting, and the country's second-in-command has no time to beat around the bush. If you didn't know candor before, you know it now.


11) Abby Lee Miller, The No-Sympathy Coach: Participation trophies? She's never heard of 'em. Stay in line around Abby, or you're in for it, little biddies.


12) Gloria Pritchett, The Modern Head Of Household: June Cleaver, she ain't. Gloria's got no tolerance for crap, and the fiery Colombian will come out with a vengeance if you dare challenge her.


13) Hillary Clinton, The No-Nonsense Ship Captain: She's much more than a former First Lady -- the recent Secretary of State is a ball-buster in her own right. Bring your notes, or you'll surely be the subject of an eye-roll.


14) Honey Boo Boo, The Spotlight-Stealer: Think you'll get an iota of attention while in Boo Boo's company? Think again, friend -- get ready to be second best.


15) Beyonce, Queen Bey: Because even Queen Bees need something to aspire to.

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