'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Despite Their Conflict, Katie Reassures Joey She's Not Going Anywhere


To maintain or repair any relationship, communication is key, but for Katie and Joey of "Teen Mom 3," talking through their issues has historically led to fighting. We commend the couple for trying to work things out through therapy during the latest episode, and in this bonus scene, it appears as if they're finally starting to get somewhere.

In the clip, Joey tells his fiancé that he thinks she doesn't want to be with him anymore, and she responds by being open and honest about her concerns. "I just need help with managing our money...and I know you're not going to stop smoking," she says, referring to his pot habit. Joey defends himself calmly, for a change, saying that regardless of his faults, he still goes to work every day to provide for his family. Then, Katie notices that Joey's holding a receipt, which -- while seemingly insignificant -- shows that he's listened to her about being more conscious of his spending, and wants to help out with tracking their income and expenditure.

"Well, I'm gonna stay with you anyways," Katie tells Joey with a smile before he seals their breakthrough talk with a kiss. Progress!

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