Wanna 'Catfish' With James Franco's Face? His 'Mindy Project' Character Is Cool With It! [Video]


We see it all the time on "Catfish": young men using someone else's handsome face to reel in their Internet crushes. But what if you were able to find a willing "Catfish" accomplice in a guy as good looking as James Franco? The online dating world would be your oyster.

In a deleted scene from "The Mindy Project" below, Mindy's ex-boyfriend (played by Bill Hader) decides the new hot OB-GYN at Mindy's practice, Dr. Leotard (played by James Franco), will be a suitable guise for his planned deceit. And...Dr. L is totally cool with it, brah! We're sure Franco would be, too -- that guy loves a good excuse for some performance art.

After realizing he's waiting in line for the bathroom next to the new doc, Hader's character tries to inconspicuously snap a photo, but Dr. Leotard quickly catches on to the scheme. "Did you just take a picture of me?" he asks as he begins his interrogation. Finally, Hader comes clean about his plan to use the handsome doctor's face to "Catfish," and rather than put up a fight, he happily poses for a picture. Nev and Max are gonna be piiiiiissed!

Check out the clip!

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