Snooki & JWOWW’s 5 Silliest 'Shore' Moments [Video]


What's the point of acting silly if you haven't got a best friend to share in the fun? Nobody knows the value of a kooky partner-in-crime better than Snooki and JWOWW, and the girls have taken part in enough shenanigans between them to cover the entire state of New Jersey. Of course, these days Jenni is engaged and Nicole is a proud mama, but we know the guidette duo is going to shower us with a flurry of LOL-worthy moments during the Season 3 premiere of "Snooki & JWOWW" -- because being mature doesn't mean you have to be boring. Case and point: the new trailer.

In honor of the ladies' October 22 return to where it all started -- Seaside Heights -- let's take a stroll down Memory Lane Boardwalk and remember the sassy besties' nuttiest "Shore" moments:

The introductory (almost) kiss. Snooki and Jenni had barely exchanged hellos at the "Shore" house before they were practically swapping spit in the hot tub. While JWOWW did the ol' bob-and-weave to dodge Nicole's laser-focused pucker, judging from the huge grin on her face, we think she secretly dug the attention.

Would you like some wine with that whine? Barely 24 hours after the jaw-dropping Snooki-Jionni-Vinny love triangle, the ladies hit up an Italian winery for a little rest, relaxation and Merlot-fueled antics. Clearly Nicole and Jenni got "wine tasting" confused with "the Kentucky Derby" (those hats), but that didn't stop the girls from running rampant in dank wine cellars and napping on giganto barrels of fermented grapes. (Then they got in a fight, yada yada, and they made up, like BFFs always do.)

Disinfecting the Smush Room for Snooki's gentleman caller. All the Lysol in the world probably couldn't remove each and every smear of sweat and lubricant-coated cootie from the Smush Room, but that didn't stop Jenni and Nicole from whipping out the rubber gloves during Season 2. In typical S&J fashion, the two went all Mr. Clean on that sex den while wearing garbage-bag suits so Snooks could get it in sans their housemates' sex germs.

But peeing behind the bar is so much more convenient. While on the run from a persistent Roger, Jenni and Nicole sneaked into a closed-off section of Karma for their own private fist-pumping sesh. Naturally, there's only so much grinding you can do before your bladder cries for a release, so rather than leave their personal VIP Room, Jenni popped a squat behind the bar while Snooki kept lookout. Totes what friends are for.

The hook-up board. The girls pulled a six degrees of separation on the house to find out who's played tonsil hockey with who -- only it was more like two degrees and there was no Kevin Bacon involved. The verdict? Everyone has made out with everyone, and in the words of Snooki, they're all "nymphos."

+ Recall any other Snooki and JWOWW hijinks that made you LOL? Leave 'em in the comments and tune into the Season 3 premiere October 22 at 10/9c!

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Photo: Ian Spanier