'Catfish' Poll: Should Melissa Have Cut Nick Loose While Living With Olin?


It took six whole years for Nick and Melissa to meet face-to-face, but once they did, their connection was clear. Still, there was a very obvious wedge between them, and his name was Olin. Positive she'd never actually meet Nick, Melissa not only struck up a romance with a fellow Iowan, but moved in with him, too -- all while still in touch with Nick. And though she admitted to Nick on tonight's "Catfish" that her feelings for him hadn't changed, she couldn't deny that she was in love with Olin. So, did she have a responsibility to break things off with Nick while involved with someone else?

Once the two old Internet friends were able to have a private moment to discuss where Melissa stood, she told Nick she felt stuck between a rock and a hard place. "You're not somebody that's just gonna disappear," she said of Nick, who had been by her side (at least as far as the computer would allow) through periods of depression and self-harm. Juggling two men IRL is typically a big faux pas, but does the same rule apply to virtual relationships?

+ Tell us what you think -- did Melissa have a responsibility to break up with Nick?

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