Tyler Hoechlin Suits Up To Play Ball On The Set Of His New Film, 'Undrafted' [Photos]


Sweet 5 o'clock shadow, TyHo!

Who doesn't love a man in uniform? Especially if that man is "Teen Wolf" star Tyler Hoechlin, who's swapping his usual tattered and bloodied garb for sportier attire in his new film gig, "Undrafted." In some photos from the set of the flick, Hoechlin can be seen gathered around his onscreen teammates during a wholesome game of baseball, and it's a far cry (cue Lydia's sonic scream!) from Derek's wolf pack activities: Losing a baseball game is rough, but losing a battle with the Alpha Pack is deadly. R.I.P. Boyd.

Although these pics don't hint at whether TyHo will have a love interest in the movie, we're hoping that if one is in the cards, he'll fare better with a baseball groupie than a murderous Darach. (R.I.P. Jennifer, too.) One thing's for certain, regardless of Tyler's leading lady: This new role will help make his star power shine even brighter. We're rooting for ya from the stands, T!


Wow, you wouldn't know it from his role on "Teen Wolf," but Tyler Hoechlin can actually smile!

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Photos: Pacific Coast News