Steve-O Tries To Make A 'Jackass' Out Of Rob Dyrdek [Video]


You can take Steve-O out of "Jackass," but you can't take the jackass out of Steve-O. Although MTV's premier prank show has been off the air for over a decade, the video below is proof that Steve and his fellow "Wildboyz" will never quit pushing people's buttons...and totally grossing them out.

In one of the clips from his YouTube Channel, the jokester, who's a master at creating uncomfortable situations, makes a parade of poor, unsuspecting pedestrians squirm with his "Condom Prank," which involves the use of a rubber filled with milk (clearly, maturity hasn't come with age). Most of the strangers fall victim to Steve-O's scheme until he coincidentally runs into another familiar MTV face who's well-versed in the art of "Ridiculousness." "What are you doing, man?" Rob Dyrdek asks, sensing he might quickly become the butt of a dirty joke. And while Rob manages to survive Steve's shenanigans without so much as a flushed cheek, plenty of others do not fare as well. Check it out:


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