An Open Letter To The 'Dancing With The Stars' Judges: Snooki's Rumba Was Inspired


Sasha and Snooki have got their jazz hands down pat.

Dear Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman and Carrie Ann Inaba:

Why so cranky? Look, we're not dismissing the fact that you gave our girl Snooki high marks during her "Dancing with the Stars" debut, but honestly, we think you might have been a little hard on her last night. Sure, a combined score of 20 isn't bad, per se, but it ain't gonna get you into Ballroom Dancing Harvard. And Nicole "Pocket Rocket" Polizzi deserves the Ivy League.

While yes, her feet may have left the ground once or twice, which, according to Carrie Ann, is a big ol' no no, we didn't know the Rumba police were going to be on site. From where we sat, a.k.a. a couch, with a plate of Pad Thai perched on our lap, all of Sasha's choreography was perfectly executed by both teammates. And sure, Len may have acknowledged the dance was "pretty" and "neat," but we think Snooki and Sasha exuded passion as well.

As for you, Bruno, to even suggest that Snooki needs to work on her character-acting skills? Ha! We think someone needs to revisit the Thursday night MTV lineup of yesteryear. Lest you forget, Bruno, she was dancing on tables and oozing the essence of meatball long before Tom Bergeron ever renamed her Snicole.

In short: Viva la Snooki!


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Photo: ABC