Watch Out, Snooki! Vinny Guadagnino Gets Intensive Dance Lessons From His Little Cousin [Video]


He's a genie in a bottle! Vinny Guadagnino busts a move.

When summer comes to an end and public fist-pumping, like board shorts, becomes less appropriate, you've got to widen your dance repertoire with some new moves. Vinny Guadagnino, who's no stranger to club steps, recently got a rump-shaking education courtesy of his younger cousin, and in the Instagram video below, he gives his former "Jersey Shore" housemate and current "Dancing With The Stars" contestant, Snooki, a rug-cutting run for her money. Watch out, Nicole, you're not the only one showing off their softer side through dance!

Vin's little cousin directs him through her routine for all the world to see out on the sidewalk, and the moves get more and more complicated as they carry on. There's an advanced dip, a bit of side-to-side movement and even some modern hula technique. And then just when everything seems calm, all hell breaks loose, and the two cousins stomp their feet like they're auditioning for a "Flashdance" remake. Vinny: "DWTS" Season 18?

Check out the clip for some inspiration for your next night at the club!

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Photo courtesy of @VinnyGuadagnino