'Snooki & JWOWW' Sets Up Shop At The Jersey Shore For Season 3 [Trailer]


"We're back, bitches!" That's how Snooki and JWOWW set up their Season 3 trailer, the likes of which couldn't be more of a tease. OCTOBER 15: YOU FEEL SO FAR AWAY.

In three excruciatingly long weeks, our modern day Laverne & Shirley will return to MTV with a bada bing bada boom. It's been quite some time since their last wild night out with the "Jersey Shore" gang, but this season, the best friends are revisiting Seaside Heights for a more mature type of fun...if dressing up like pirates counts as mature.

With Nicole and Jionni renting a summer house right around the corner from Jenni and Roger, there will be plenty of group field trips, clowning around and, yes, boy drama. "Me and Roger's relationship is basically the same s**t, different toilet," Jenni says in the new trailer. Those two are nothing if not dependable!

Meanwhile, Snooks is knee-deep in baby poop and wedding planning, but all is rather copacetic in her relationship, and parenthood appears to suit her and Jionni well. What a strange, beautiful trip it's been, and thankfully, they're still letting us ride shotgun.

Check out the trailer, and make sure to tune in for the Season 3 premiere of "Snooki & JWOWW," October 22 at 10/9c.

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