Nick Cannon's Son Is A Chip Off The Ol' Block [Video]


The Cannon/Carey fam celebrates a Sunday Funday.

Although at times it seems like the workhorse that is Nick Cannon never stops, the busy entertainer always insists that family is at the top of his priority list. And what better way to wrap up a day with adults who act like kids on "Wild 'N Out" than to head back home and hang with his own actual children? Earlier today on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the proud papa gushed about all the perks of spending quality time with his toddler twins and his wife, Mariah Carey.

"They're growing before my eyes," he tells Ellen in the clip below. "There's two of them and there's two of us, so we each get to have a lot of fun." One of the ways Nick decided to take advantage of father-son bonding time with Morocco was to see if he could pull off Ellen's "Smile Awhile" challenge with the little guy. Her latest call for viewer submissions is to see how long they can trick their friend into thinking a photo is being taken, while the rolling camera films their smiley pose and reaction the whole time. Rocco, of course, makes the whole ordeal look positively adorable much to the audience's delight, reciting everything his pops says to the camera. Nice try foolin' him, Nick, but the kid's a natural born entertainer -- just like dear ol' dad!

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Photo: Mariah Carey's Instagram