That's What You Said...About The Fall Premiere Of 'Awkward.' Season 3

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You ready for one hell of an epic fall? In just a little bit more than a month, "Awkward" Season 3 will return, and with it, a badass Jenna, a potentially severed Jakara and Lacey-the-disciplinarian. Yup, Palos Hills will be shaken up more intensely than a snow globe, and in the brand new trailer for the second half of Season 3, we got a sobering look at just how messed up things could get. Jenna 2.0 makes Sadie Saxton look like a saint!

As soon as the preview went live, fans shared their thoughts (which included many exclamation points) on Remote Control, and Facebook. Whether viewers were angry with Jenna's choices, intrigued by her new edgy style or simply happy the show's coming back, they didn't hold back. Take a look at what some said below, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

Remote Control

"Jenna doesn't deserve Matty. Or, maybe I'm just jealous that Ashley gets to make out with Beau. *sigh* #firstworldproblems" -- LillyC

"I cannot wait for this to return -- it looks really dramatic." -- Kevin


"I think the next half of the season will be good. It's never right to cheat on someone, but I believe everyone deserves a second chance." -- Michelle W.

"Matty wasn't good to Jenna at first, but he's changed big time. Hes a great boyfriend now, and they have a good relationship. Why did she have to cheat on him?" -- Monique E.

"This is gonna be crazy! I had a tear come down!" -- Carrie F.

"Wow, I really like her new look and hair." -- Emilia F.

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