'Catfish' Sneak Peek: Will Two Tila Tequila Fans Find Love Six Years After Meeting Online?


If Tila Tequila had a proper shot at love, why can't two of her biggest fans be entitled to the same? After meeting through one of the pint-sized party girl's fan sites at age 12, Nick and Melissa, now 18, are still in close contact, and Nick says he knows she's the one for him. Plus, in the sneak peek of the next "Catfish" episode below, he actually has Nev and Max convinced that she is, in fact, who she says she is. But there's one small problem: Melissa has a boyfriend...who she LIVES WITH. As Max would say: That's a "Catfish" curve ball!

Yup, after sharing his story of puppy love, Nick explains that Melissa is dating a guy named Olin, with whom she's been shacked up for about a year. Still, Nick's adamant that the connection he shares with her is stronger than any she could have with another man, and tells the Internet detectives that she's only staying with Olin because she's got nowhere else to go at the moment. "She's the first girl I ever opened up to," Nick tells them. "I love her so much."

Is Nick's hopeless romanticism the stuff of great love stories, or is he about to get his heart broken for the first time? Check out the video, and see what happens when the episode airs Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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