Shalyah Evans Of 'Girl Code' Helps Break Down The Signs And Symptoms Of Compulsive Fall Disorder [Video]


If your new perfume is cinnamon-based, you started sewing your Halloween costume in July or you linger a little too long in the pumpkin patch during your family's annual trip up north, you're not alone. Compulsive Fall Disorder is real, friends, so don't feel guilty about swimming in cable knit sweaters or Instagramming the s**t out of neatly raked leaf piles. The autumnal syndrome might have you in the palm of its hands now that the weather is getting a bit nippy, but you have the power to beat it -- just look to survivor Shalyah Evans of "Girl Code" as inspiration!

In the cool, crisp PSA below, the comedienne is one of a few twenty-somethings that can't help but succumb to the charms of scarecrows and #fallforfall trends. "I had a really wild summer," she laments between takes of her inhaling pumpkin-scented...anything. "I was just looking forward to getting back to normal, you know? Dye my hair dark, color-code my football," she says through muffled tears. Yup, it starts harmlessly enough, but before you know it, you're calling out of work to gaze at the foliage and fashion centerpieces out of gourds for your Etsy store.

Check out the video for helpful tips in diagnosing CFD, and remember: It can't hold you prisoner if you don't let it.

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