Lauren Flans Goes 'Wild' On Nick Cannon For Stealing Her Healthy Snack [Bonus Scene]


When it comes to office etiquette -- whether you're part of the "Wild 'N Out" team or one of many suited drones working for Conglomacorp Inc. -- there's one major commandment that all employees must abide by: Thou Shalt Not Steal Thy Coworker's Food. However, that age-old rule of communal fridge use is broken in this "WNO" bonus scene when Lauren Flans' snack goes MIA, and the comedienne Hulks out when she finds out the bossman is the culprit.

As Flans becomes more and more enraged trying to figure out who took her probiotic yogurt, Nick Cannon nonchalantly (and unknowingly) walks right into the lioness' den while chowing down on the stuff. "Oh hey, Nick, are you enjoying that?" she says sarcastically. Without giving him a chance to respond, the ferocious Flans embarks on a 30-second rant of epic proportions. "Nick, I need that to be regular! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? YOU OWN EVERYTHING!" she shouts. Yikes. Lauren "Loose Cannon" Flans gives MTV's "ChallengeCameltdowns a run for their money!

Watch Lauren's whole rage-filled monologue, and don't miss the "Wild 'N Out" finale, Tuesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!

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