You Win Some, You Lose Some: 'Rivals' CT And Wes Demonstrate Impressive Brain Power, Aneesa Breaks Down

Much of "The Challenge"'s entertainment value is the drama that erupts off the field, but "Rivals II" includes some incredible competitors whose moves keep us on the edge of our seats, too. Each week, we're pointing out the highs and lows of every mission, so you can watch every triumph, and every COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE, on a loop forever and ever. You win some, you lose some...


We're officially in the last leg of the "Rivals II" race, and last night's episode proved it's anyone's game. Diem and Aneesa, who seemed like locks for the final, froze up in The Jungle and were eliminated, the previously written-off Cooke and Cara Maria are holding on to first place and CT and Wes solved a massive puzzle before any of their fellow cast mates were able. Who will come away from the game with the big prize? We'll find out next week, but in the meantime, check out these GIFfed-out high and low points from this week!


WIN SOME: Wes and CT have strong-armed a number of this season's physical missions, but they surprised their fellow competitors in the first leg of the race when they solved the geometric nightmare long before anyone else could. "He's like a visionary," Wes said of his partner as the two former enemies were big pimpin' on the Super Yacht.


LOSE SOME: This was a tough one to watch. After spending the better part of the mission toward the top of the pack, Diem and Aneesa were ousted at the last second, proving their last-round elimination curse is very much alive and well. Aneesa said she didn't blame Diem for freaking out in The Jungle, but looked devastated to fall short so close to home base.

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