'Challenge' All-Stars Form A Bottle-Smashing Alliance Against Andy Cohen On 'WWHL' [Video]


Some of the most well-known Challengers stop by Bravo to chat with Andy Cohen.

Challengers old and new know there's only one way to make it to the end of the game: rally together with the most influential players and cross your fingers they keep you out of harm's way. Last night on "Watch What Happens Live," PaulaCT and a few more old-school "Real World" faces employed that practice during a game called "Bye Smashy," as Andy Cohen, who started off as the innocent referee, quickly became the target. Sorry, AC, but someone's gotta be the sacrificial lamb.

To honor the all-stars' penchant for smashing bottles (we have no idea where Andy got the idea they do that...), the Bravo front man challenged the gang to answer questions about their own MTV history, and rewarded correct answers with the chance to crack some glass over another player's head. Ultimately, though, the gang turned on Andy and guest bartender (and "Challenge After Show" host) Jonny Moseley, with the exception of Paula, who chose to turn the bottle on herself. Way to take one for the team, Walnuts!

Check out the clip, and head over to the "WWHL" site to hear about "NOLADanny's shocking "Challenge" hookup and why no one can ever seem to welcome Beth into their hearts.

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Photo courtesy of BravoTV.com