Miley Cyrus' Personal 'Girl Code' Revealed In 'The Movement' Trailer [Video]


She's been an entertainment industry fixture since her tween days as Hannah Montana, but as of last month's VMAs, in which she both dazzled and mortified the world with an extended twerk and suggestive foam finger, followed quickly by the release of her "Wrecking Ball" music video, in which she took a naked ride on one such ball and licked a sledgehammer (though not simultaneously), Miley Cyrus has officially skyrocketed through the average celebrity glass ceiling and entered an entirely new realm of fame, once thought only to be inhabited by the likes of dead legends, Britney Spears and Grumpy Cat. One in which parents groups send hate mail, armies of teen girls try to break down the gates with high-pitched screams and tear-soaked magazine collages, and movements are created. Enter: "Miley: The Movement," a one-hour documentary-style special premiering October 2 at 10/9c on MTV, which will allow all those concerned (i.e. the entire Internet) an intimate, unprecedented glance at the girl who recently inspired countless think pieces on topics ranging from adolescent sexuality to racism in America, as well as the resurrection of Beetlejuice.

The Miley buzz won't be losing momentum anytime soon, so in honor of all the confidence she's exhibited in the midst of this madness, we're celebrating her personal "Girl Code," as evidenced in the newly released "Movement" trailer, featured below. Check it out, and feel free to add any items we may have left out in the comments!


Just Do You

"Right now, I'm at a point in my career where I can be exactly what I want to be, who I want to be," Miley says in the trailer. It takes a good amount of time and soul-searching for most women to get to that place, so the fact that she's found her voice at just 20 years old signals a good shot at longevity in an industry known for being detrimental to self-esteem. "Every time I do anything, I want to remember: This is what separates me from everybody else," she adds.


If It's Not Fun, It's Not Worth It. So Bring Props.

In a conversation with the one and only Britney Spears, Miley laughs off the controversy she causes from doing what she simply deems as having fun. "Everyone takes the VMAs so serious, and I just want to come out and shoot a hot dog gun," she tells her pop singer idol, who knowingly giggles. Sorry, foam finger, your days are numbered -- nothing tops flying bacon.


Stay Golden, Ponyboy

"You're always going to make people talk. You might as well make them talk for two weeks, rather than two seconds," Miley tells MTV's cameras. We're way past two seconds -- Johnny Cade would be proud. (We've been waiting years for the appropriate moment to drop an "Outsiders" reference -- thank you, Miles, for giving us just cause!)


Always Have Your Girls' Backs. And Compliment Each Other's Clothes.

Miley surely know she's hot s**t, but she most certainly doesn't put herself on a pedestal. Her consistent message to fans: You're hot s**t, too! "Okay, your onesie is insane. I love your onesie," she tells a girl sporting a "Sex, Love & Rap" hooded romper thingie. Respect goes both ways, and Miles has understood that from her first days on camera.


Lead With Your Tongue

At the turn of the century, no talk of Jennifer Lopez went without mention of her big, juicy booty. In fact, J. Lo's butt cheeks were so essential in her rise to fame that she actually had them insured. And while Miley has no trace of Latina genes, she's managed to intrigue fans with another captivating body part -- her tongue -- in a rather short period of time. Just like with the Stones, said tongue -- and the wagging of it -- has taken on its own rock star status.

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