Jacob Williams And Mikey Day Throw Down For A Battle Of The 'Wild 'N Out' White Boys [Video]


When Machine Gun Kelly took over the mic during last night's "Wild 'N Out" Wildstyle, he destroyed Nick Cannon and his crew with some rapid fire disses. However, MGK wasn't the only white MC to prove he can spit. Cast members Mikey Day and Jacob Williams went full-on "Highlander" for a ferocious white boy freestyle war like you've never seen. There can be only one.

In the clip below, Mikey recalls how DJ D-Wrek dropped a "Super Mario Bros."-style beat, and the thought of Mario and Luigi collecting all those coins must've subconsciously prompted him to hit Jacob where it hurts -- his wallet. "I'm going to get you, you know that I would. My credit score's awesome! Yours is just really good," he boasts during the battle. However, the burn only inspires Jacob to put his money where his mouth is, and comes back at the "WNO" vet with a (deadpan) vengeance. "Look man, you got me. I'm really tore up...but my stock portfolio is about to blow up," he says. Um, Slim Shady, who?

Check out the whitest battle of all time, along with Mikey's commentary:

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