'Teen Mom 3' Bonus Scene: Briana Calls For Backup While Mom And Brittany Are Away


Though Briana's family is one of the most supportive and tight-knit on "Teen Mom 3," they can't be available 24/7 to help Bri out with Baby Nova, and in this bonus scene from the latest episode, the young mother finds herself stuck in the house totally solo. With Brittany on a road trip, livin' the post-adolescent life, and Roxanne at work, Briana's loneliness gets the best of her and she calls her friend, Jaidie, to stop by and keep her company.

After Briana sings her excitement to her sleepy daughter (who hasn't taken advantage of some alone time by singing out loud?), Jaidie arrives, and Briana seems relieved to have someone her own age to hang out with. Nothing against little Nova, but there's only so much burping and Doc McStuffins a person can take!

The two chat over pizza, and Jaidie asks Briana if she feels like she's missing out on Brittany's vacation. "Now that I have [Nova], it's like, I can't live a carefree life," she tells Jaidie of how different her and her sister's situations turned out. "But you know what? This is what I signed up for when I had unprotected sex."

Check out the bonus scene:

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