The 'Fantasy Factory' Crew Reunites On 'Ridiculousness' For Lessons On Getting 'Mannequined' [Sneak Peek]


Most of the amateur films featured on "Ridiculousness" involve stunts-gone-wrong, and during the show's next episode, Rob Dyrdek will put the spotlight on a common physical reaction displayed by the accident-prone. In the sneak peek below, which features the triumphant reunion of the "Fantasy Factory" cast, Rob pays homage to Chris "Drama" Pfaff's famous fascination with mannequins, and proves that human beings can be just as stiff as the plastic models when push comes to shove (and by that, we obviously mean when they fall off of their bikes).

In "Mannequined," Rob breaks down how hitting the ground hard can force you to "lock up," and his clip reel of case studies makes the phenomenon painfully clear. Whether the extreme sports fans were aboard bikes or skateboards before smashing into the pavement at top speed, none could avoid becoming momentarily paralyzed once making contact. On the bright side, they'll certainly look great showing off autumn's new fashions.

Check out the video, and tune in to an all new episode Thursday night at 10/9c!

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