The 'Wild 'N Out' Guys Need To Study Up On Their Next Guest Captain, MGK [Video]


MGK rockin' out onstage.

Machine Gun Kelly may be a huge music star, but he'll find out soon enough that fame buys you nada on the "Wild 'N Out" stage. In the battle for comedy greatness, you're nobody 'til a live audience laughs at one of your jokes, which is possibly why two of the cast members have never even heard of MGK.

"I gotta do my research, that's all," Emmanuel Hudson explains in the clip below. "Who's MGK?" Corey Holcomb whispers to Emmanuel. Yeah, we're afraid you're on your own there, bud. And don't even think of calling Donnell Rawlings -- the "Guy Code" comic also struggled to recognize MGK on "Hip Hop Squares," and instead, referred to the rapper as "Crazy Ass White Boy" the entire show.

Fortunately, one of the "WNO" comedians knows of the music artist. "I like him, he's cool, but he's on my team, so, lucky you, MGK!" Conceited says. Considering he's not only on your team, but the captain, it's good to see you did your homework, C!

Watch MGK on an all-new "Wild 'N Out" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2.

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Photo: Getty Images